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Carina Sightings: N-Style Toyota Carina AA63 at Speedhunters

I have no idea what has gotten into Dino Dalle Carbonare but lately he seems to be very much into the Toyota Carina AA63! He proved this by posting the N-Style Carina earlier this week on Speedhunters:
N-Style Toyota Carina AA63
The N-Style Carina certainly has seen an overhaul since the last time I posted about it: two tone paintscheme, wilder camber and deeper dish!

I certainly like the new two tone paint scheme!
N-Style Toyota Carina AA63
The Carina is a standard Toyota Carina GT-R AA63, but the engine has been swapped for a 4AGE Silvertop. It also has got a rollcage, camberplates (duh!) and a strut towerbar.

There are many more photos of this awesome Carina and you can get every photo as a wallpaper nowadays! So check it out at Speedhunters:
N-Style Carina @ Speedhunters

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